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Interdisciplinary Seminars

Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars are offered through the Honors Program. They are open to all New Brunswick/Piscataway Honors Program members in all class years, but are generally designed for first-year and second-year students. Faculty from throughout the New Brunswick campuses are invited to offer an Honors Seminar, an opportunity to think about complex problems and issues across disciplinary boundaries or outside of traditional disciplinary trajectories. For the faculty, the seminars are often a springboard for their own research or for course development. Through Honors Seminars, faculty also recruit promising undergraduates to join them on collaborative research projects. Honors Seminars have an enrollment of no more than fifteen students, and involve extensive written work and readings, discussion, independent work, and often include research as well as field work opportunities.  Interdisciplinary Seminars offered under 01:090:292, 01:090:293, 01:090:294, 01:090:295, 01:090:296, and 01:090:297 can be used to meet the SAS Core Curriculum goals in Writing and Communication [WCd].

Fall 2014 Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

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  • Genocide in Comparative Historical Perspective
  • Stories of the Self
  • Homer's Odyssey: Myth, Psychology and Politics
  • Meaning & Morality: Questions About Who We Are How People Act And What We Should Believe About Good And Evil
  • Writing Italian Women's Lives
  • Complementarity in Physics, Biology and Philosophy
  • One Mind, Two Languages
  • European Languages: History and Theory
  • Integrating Video and Text to Study Children’s Learning
  • Immigrants in the Americas
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Narrative Theory
  • Can Grandma Survive Entitlement Reform?  How Will Changes in Social Security, Medicare and Other Programs Affect You and Your Family?
  • Art, Archeology, and Chemistry
  • Paradoxes of Zionism
  • Migration, Globalization, and Education
  • Anti-Apartheid and Civil Rights Movements: King and Mandela, Lessons in Leadership Seminar
  • From Tomes to Tweets: Writing as a Cultural Practice
  • Understanding War: Will the Second Horseman Ride Forever?
  • The Cartographic Impulse
  • Does Anything Matter?
  • What About Love? Marriage and Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective
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