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Today's students are more international than those of any previous generation. Study Abroad programs remain the gold standard for pursuing academic studies in other countries, but many students are also interested in short, intensive experiences of one to three weeks. The SAS Honors Program is pleased to offer its students such global, interdisciplinary opportunities.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Spend your Spring Break exploring ancient ruins, swimming in underground lakes, hiking a rainforest, sleeping in small towns, and meeting with local villagers. Join Dean Julio Nazario on the stunning SAS Honors trip to the Yucatan peninsula. Learn applications of history, archaeology, anthropology, and ecological science from local guides. Students will visit Mayan sites such as Chichen Itza and Izamal, key Spanish colonial cities including Mérida, and the Kaxil Kiuic Ecological Reserve in the jungle outside Merida. Be prepared to climb pyramids, eat like a local, and snorkel in tropical seas.

Iceland GREEN Summer Program
Nowhere in the world will you find a greener classroom than Iceland.  Cutting-edge green technology and design coupled with unsurpassed dedication to sustainability make it a global leader in ecological preservation and clean energy production.  The capital, Reykjavik, is home to almost half of the country’s population, but it is the country’s unique geological features and pristine natural environment that make it a top destination for nature lovers and adventurers alike.  Whether you’re exploring the country’s glistening fjords and glacier-cut valleys, or the capital’s legendary music scene, Iceland offers something unique that will excite and inspire you.

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