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Teaching an SAS Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar

SAS Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars are open to all New Brunswick/Piscataway Honors Program members in all class years, but are generally designed for first year and sophomore students.  The SAS Honors Seminars invite faculty to think about complex problems and issues across disciplinary boundaries or outside of traditional disciplinary trajectories with a small group of academically talented students.  Because the course content may depart from the subject matter of traditional undergraduate courses, many faculty members who have taught these Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars have used them as a springboard for their own research or for course development.  Through Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars, faculty also recruit promising undergraduates to join them on collaborative research projects.  Faculty often find the experience so rewarding that they regularly teach seminars, telling us that the Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars are "the most enjoyable teaching assignment" that they have had at Rutgers.

All New Brunswick faculty are contacted in September of each year to invite them to submit proposals for SASHP Honors Seminars for the subsequent year.

If you are interested in teaching an SAS Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar, please click here to complete the proposal form.

For additional materials and information, please see the links below:

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