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Honors Summer Shadow Experience


The Summer Shadow Experience offers Honors Program students the opportunity to visit a member of the alumni from the honors and scholars program of Douglass, Livingston, Rutgers, and University Colleges, and the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program at their place of work.  Through this one day shadowing experience, students get to:

  1. Explore their curiosity about an interested career
  2. Glimpse into a professional environment
  3. Meet with professionals in the field
  4. Discover whether the industry or professional role is a good fit
  5. Learn industry vocabulary
  6. Gain mentorship and networking opportunities with a Honors Alumnus

Read advice from former SASHP Shadowers here.

Interested students should view the available Summer Shadow Experiences below.  

Due to limited opportunities, students may only apply to one Summer Shadow Experience. Priority will be given based on class year seniority.

Applications are rolling and spots are limited (as noted below).  

All participants will be required to speak with Dean Kim-Lee prior to their Summer Shadow Experience.

Funding for travel may be available upon request to the SAS Honors Program if donations are not provided by the Honors Alumnus.

Apply here


Business & Communications

FCB Health

100 West 33rd Street
 New York, NY

Honors Alumnus: Andrew Lear, LC '89 (Psychology)

Description of Organization: Full service, global advertising agency

Description of Role: SVP, Creative Director.  Responsible for creating advertising campaigns, messaging ("copy"), and strategies for pharmaceutical brands; mentoring and management of writers and art directors; transforming clinical data into compelling promotion.

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve: The day would offer a glimpse of: -How a pharma ad agency operates -The various disciplines that comprise our agency (art directors, writers, account executives, medical planners, strategic planners, health literacy experts, developers, etc) -The energy and excitement of agency life.  9;00 AM-5:00 PM or flexible to meet the student's needs.

Alumnus may cover: Train/bus tickets and meal 

Number of Summer '17 Shadows available: 2 (CLOSED)



Education, Public Service, Human Service


200 Market Street, Suite 440
Saddle Brook, NJ

Honors Alumnus: Emily A. Miller , SAS '11 (English & Art History) 

Description of Organization: JDRF leads the global type 1 diabetes research effort to keep people healthy and safe until we find a cure for the disease. We are a global organization with a national and local presence. Our New Jersey Metro & Rockland County Chapter serves 14 northern and central NJ counties as well as Rockland County (NY).  I manage the Peer-to-Peer Department at JDRF New Jersey Metro & Rockland County. Our mission at JDRF is to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Description of Role: Development Director, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.  I am responsible for a team of three, and together we execute 6 One Walk events, Ride to Cure Diabetes, Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes across northern and central NJ. These fundraising events allow us to connect with our local community and raise awareness and funds for life-changing T1D research. My day is never the same, and includes donor and volunteer meetings, developing marketing materials, securing corporate sponsorships and more!

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve:  The day could be tailored to fit the student's interest and could include: opportunity to attend corporate sponsorship meeting, a volunteer committee meeting, event logistics/planning (both at event site or within chapter office), an assembly at a local elementary school, or connecting with staff members at the chapter to discuss our signature events program (Gala, Golf and Poker), peer-to-peer fundraising events (Walk, Ride, Kids Walk) and senior leadership team.  Flexible between 8:00 AM-6:00 PM

Honors Alumnus may provide: Lunch

Number of Summer '17 Shadows available: 4



On Location Education & Westside Neighborhood School

9800 Sheridan Street, Apt. 306
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Honors Alumnus: Amytza Maskati, DC '09 (Journalism & Media Studies, Spanish Translation & Interpretation) 

Description of Organization: K-12 Education

Description of Role: Working one on one with students and group classroom setting.

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve:  We can customize your day based on your career interests.
However, a typical day is from 10:00 AM -7:00 PM and includes:
*Morning intention/goal-setting session
*Meeting with client (parent or student)
*Tutoring one-on-one session 
*Transformative learning seminar
*Debrief/reflection on the day

Are there videos, websites, and/or literature the student should review before participating?

Honors Alumnus may provide: Accommodations & meals

Number of Summer '17 Shadows available: 5 (June & July)



US Department of StateSS US Dept of State

2200 C Street NW, Rm. 2X01
Washington D.C.                                                                     

Honors Alumnus: Michael Friedman RC '84 (History) 

Description of Organization: Quality of life services

Description of position: Director, Office of Editorial Content, US Dept. of State (IIP).  I head an office of approximately 30 creative professionals who create public diplomacy content to engage overseas audiences about U.S. society and culture, and about U.S. policies abroad.

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve:  Attending meetings, observing managers, editors, writers, photo editors, graphic designers, and technical staff creating public diplomacy content for distribution via U.S. embassy and consulate social media platforms.  9:00 AM-5:00 PM

 Are there videos, websites, and/or literature the student should review before participating?; 

Honors Alumnus may cover: Lunch

Number of Summer '17 Shadows Available: 2 (Students who are interested in foreign policy or more broadly in communications) (CLOSED)



Energy, Environment, Aviation, and Marketing

ICF International

630 Third Avenue, Floor 11
New York, NY


Honors Alumnus: Mike Alter, SAS '12 (Economics and Political Science) 

Description of Organization: Global Consulting Firm

Description of Role: Distributed Energy Resources Associate.  Analyzes regulatory, policy, and market developments around the increasing penetration of distributed energy resources, like solar and energy storage.

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve: I would spend some time to show the student around our office to get a sense of the corporate culture. I would also introduce the student to the other two members of my team in our office, in addition to other colleagues who work on our Climate Change team (since they also focus on energy related issues). Finally, I would spend time with the student explaining what I do, what my team does, what consulting is like, etc.  Up to half a day.

Are there videos, websites, and/or literature the student should review before participating?

Alumnus may cover: Lunch

Number of Summer '17 Shadows Available: 1 (Student majoring in Economics Political Science and/or with interests in Public Policy and Energy) (CLOSED)



SodexoSS sodexo

777 Scudders Mill Rd
Plainsboro, NJ


Honors Alumnus: Aliz Holzmann, RC '04 (Sociology & Psychology) 

Description of Organization: Quality of life services.

Description of Role: Wellness Director and Registered Dietitian.  Works with food service department at corporate cafes to provide healthy options, market healthy items, and educate customers on health & nutrition

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve: Touring facilities, overview of wellness program, participate in daily meetings, participate in health event.  8:30 AM-4:00 PM

Honors Alumnus may provide: Lunch

Number of Summer '17 Shadows Available: 1 in June & 1 in July 



Health & General Sciences

SS MontefioreMontefiore Medical Center 

3340 Bainbridge Ave                                                                                         Bronx, NY

Honors Alumnus: Scott Shaffer, M.D., RC '03 (Biological Sciences/Psychology) 

Description of Organization: Academic Medical Center

Description of Role: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.  Responsible for child patient care and medical education.

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve: Shadowing patient care, participating in educational activities from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Number of Summer '17 Shadows available: 2 (CLOSED)


The Center for Women's Health/Lifeline Medical Associates

270 Old Hook Rd
Westwood, NJ


Honors Alumnus: Paul Dicker, M.D., RC '88 (Biological Sciences) 

Description of Organization: Private practice Ob/Gyn group operating as a part of a large, single-speciality organization focused on Women's Health

Description of Role: Clinical Ob/Gyn in office and hospital & Administrative duties

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve: Office hours, rounds, possible shadowing during surgery or a delivery.  Approx 8:00am until 5:00 pm.

Honors Alumnus may provide: Lunch & Travel

Number of Summer '17 Shadows Available: 1 in June & 1 in July & 1 in August (CLOSED)




SS Lydecker

Lydecker Diaz

101 Hudson Street, Suite 2100
 Jersey City, NJ

Honors Alumnus: Michael Poreda , RC '03 (History) 

Description of Organization: My firm is a regional "start up." We have a large headquarters in Miami, and we are one of two small offices launching a presence in the New York area. We are primarily a defense civil litigation firm. Our office mostly handles New Jersey and New York employment discrimination cases on behalf of not-for-profits, medium-sized businesses, and government entities.

Description of Role: Associate (Attorney).   I litigate civil cases for Defendants. Mostly employment discrimination cases. You might be thinking, "oh great, this guy loves sleazy bosses who sexually harass women and don't hire minorities." It's actually not like that at all. I chose to work on the defense side after being a court clerk and seeing that defense lawyers end up making a bigger, though largely silent and unnoticeable impact on fairness in the workplace and maintaining the integrity of anti-discrimination laws.

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve: Ideally, I would like to take the student with me to a Plaintiff's deposition. On such a day, I will be questioning a key witnesses under oath at an attorney's office. The student will be able to assist me with handling the exhibits that are part of the deposition. We would be able to discuss the case and the strategic decisions that go into questioning a witness--plus any overarching concerns about law school or the legal profession.  Be ready for a 9-5 day--but also one that could be just a few hours. Time can be hard to predict with legal appearances.

 Alumnus may cover: Travel is a possibility, and lunch is a probability

Number of Summer '17 Shadows Available: 1 (CLOSED)



 Technology, Engineering, and Math

World Wide Technology

                                                      1 Pennsylvania Plaza, #2200
                                                      New York, NY

Honors Alumnus: Matthew Connors RC '08 (Physics & Chemistry)

Description of Organization: WWT is an award-winning technology integrator bringing collaborative, innovative and proven approaches to evaluate, architect and implement solutions

Description of position: Big Data Consultant. Works with data scientists to help companies create solutions to business challenges, develop strategy, and make more informed decisions.

A typical Summer Shadow day would involve:  The student will meet with a variety of consultants over the day to learn about a number of Big Data, Cloud, and Management consulting projects. The student may also listen in on calls where technical details of individual projects are discussed, and executive briefing meetings where opportunities are developed.

Are there videos, websites, and/or literature the student should review before participating? The student should review the company website to become familiar with all the technology and consulting practices.

Honors Alumnus may cover: Lunch

Number of Summer '17 Shadows Available: 1 (Student with interest in management consulting and/or business or science background) (CLOSED)

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