SASHP Governance

The SAS Honors Program was created by the faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences and is under the faculty's jurisdiction and supervision.

The Honors Program is governed by the seventeen member SAS Honors Program Committee, composed of the Dean and Administrative Director of the SAS Honors Program, eight faculty members drawn from each of the four standard disciplinary areas (Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical and Mathematical Sciences), two faculty members drawn from non-SAS schools that offer majors and departmental honors to SAS students, two faculty members from the SAS Curriculum Committee, and three Honors Program student representatives. Four of the faculty positions are elected by the faculty of the SAS; the remainder of the positions are appointed by the Executive Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.

The SAS Honors Program Committee has a range of responsibilities that include reviewing and approving courses as Honors courses; reviewing the applications of students who apply to the SAS Honors Program; determining admissions criteria; and voting an academic policy and curricular changes.

2018-2019 members of the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program Committee

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