Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

major minor electives graphicInterdisciplinary Honors Seminars are offered through the Honors Program. They are open to all New Brunswick/Piscataway Honors Program members in all class years, but are generally designed for first-year and second-year students. Faculty from throughout the New Brunswick campuses are invited to offer an Honors Seminar, an opportunity to think about complex problems and issues across disciplinary boundaries or outside of traditional disciplinary trajectories. For the faculty, the seminars are often a springboard for their own research or for course development. Through Honors Seminars, faculty also recruit promising undergraduates to join them on collaborative research projects. Honors Seminars have an enrollment of no more than seventeen students, and involve extensive written work and readings, discussion, independent work, and often include research as well as field work opportunities.  Interdisciplinary Seminars offered under 01:090:292, 01:090:293, 01:090:294, 01:090:295, 01:090:296, and 01:090:297 can be used to meet the SAS Core Curriculum goals in Writing and Communication [WCd].

Alison Bechdel and Psychoanalysis

Course # 01:090:293:H3 
Index #06369 
Tues/Thurs 0200 P - 0320 
HC S124 CAC 
Martin Gliserman 

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Art and Performance in the Age of Digital (Re) Production

Index# 20342
W 12:10 PM – 03:10 PM 
Ricardo Montez

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Authoring Identities: Digital Stories of Critical Narratives

Course # 01:090:293:H2 
Index #06368 
Tuesday 1210 P - 0310 
SPR 204 NB 
Doaa Rashed 

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Entre el ejemplo y la delincuencia: textualidades cervantinas

Course # 01:090:294:H4 
Index #19265 
Mon/Th 1210 P - 0130 
VH 104 CAC 
Dámaris Otero-Torres 

Seminar will be conducted in Spanish. Critical readings will include selections in English and Spanish. 
Prerequisites: FSH placement or permission of the instructor

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How Do We Know This?

Course # 01:090:294:H1 
Index #06371 
Thursday 0200 P - 0500 
HC S126 CAC 
Gary Rendsburg

Will Count Towards Jewish Studies and/or AMESALL MAJOR
Will Count Towards Jewish Studies and/or AMESALL MINOR

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How Government and Business Try to Change What We Do

Course # 01:090:295:H3 
Index #06376 
Thursday 1210 P - 0310 
Hana Shepherd 

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Introduction to Health, Medicine, and Literature

Course # 01:090:294:H2 
Index #06372 
Mon/Wed 0200 P - 0320 
HC S124 CAC 
Ann Jurecic 

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Latinos, Sports, and Society

Course # 01:090:296:H3 
Index #06379 
Tues/Fri 1210 P - 0130 
K. Sebastian Leon-Roosevelt 

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Lost in Translation -- or Tossed?

Course # 01:090:297:H2 
Index #06381 
Friday 1210 P - 0130 
HC S124 CAC 
Richard Serrano 

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Malcolm X and American Empire: 1946-1965

Course # 01:090:293:H1
Index #06367
Monday 1020 A - 0120
Eagleton Woodlawn Library C/D
Saladin Ambar

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Moving Images: The Artivism of Global Women Filmmakers

Course # 01:090:297:H3
Index #06382 
Tues 1020 A - 0120 
AB 4140 CAC 
Susan Martin-Marquez 

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One Mind. Two Languages.

Course # 01:090:296:H2 
Index #06378 
Tuesday 1210 P - 0310 
AB 5190 CAC 
Nuria Sagarra

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Reading in Slow Motion

Course # 01:090:297:H1 
Index #06380 
Tues/Thurs 0200 P - 0320 
HC N106 CAC 
Richard Miller
Application Required

Will Count Towards SAS - English Major and Minor

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Refuge from Empire: Global Russophone Émigré Culture

Course # 01:090:295:H1 
Index #06374 
T/Th 0540 P - 0700 
Pavel Khazanov 

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Rutgers Meets Japan: Revisiting Early U.S.-Japan Encounters

Course # 01:090:295:H2  -  SAS Honors Study Abroad-Application Required
Index #06375 
T/Th 0200 P - 0320 
HC S120 CAC 

Will Count Towards Asian Languages & Cultures MAJOR
Will Count Towards Asian Languages & Cultures MINOR

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Secrets of Quantum Matter

Index# 19877
TH 10:20 AM – 01:20 PM 
SEC 212 BUS 
Piers Coleman

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Staging Social Justice: Shakespearean Comedy and Theatrical Practice

Course # 01:090:293:H4 
Index #06370 
Monday 1210 P - 0310 
Emily Bartels 

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The Problem of Evil in Philosophy and Popular Culture

Course # 01:090:294:H3 
Index #06373 
Thursday 1020 A - 0120 
HC S126 CAC 
Trip McCrossin

Will Count Towards SAS – Philosophy MAJOR and MINOR

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The United States and Ukraine in War, Famine, and Peace

Course # 01:090:292:H1 
Index #06364 
Mon/Th 1210 P - 0130 
HC S124 CAC 
David Foglesong 

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Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury

Course # 01:090:292:H4 
Index #06366 
Tues/Fri 1020 A - 1140 
HC S126 CAC 
Carolyn Williams 

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Course # 01:090:292:H2 
Index #06365 
Mon/Wed 0350 P - 0510 
BIO 206 C/D 
Rob Scott

Will Count Towards Anthropology MAJOR
Will Count Towards Anthropology MINOR

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