Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

Politics of Reproduction

Politics of Reproduction


Index# 10963

Professor Cynthia Daniels

T 2:15-5:15

HCK 132 Douglass Campus

Will Count Towards SAS – Political Science MAJOR
Will Count Towards SAS – Political Science MINOR

Issues of human reproduction are some of the most controversial of our age. Should abortion be banned or restricted? Does the fetus have rights separate from the pregnant woman? Should we permit the marketing of reproductive ‘parts’ and ‘services’—eggs, sperm and wombs? What is the male role and what are male responsibilities in human reproduction?  This seminar will explore these questions through legal cases, historical readings, first-person narratives, guest speakers, films and scholarly articles.

In terms of class structure, in addition to the above readings, the seminar will be organized each week around one primary U.S. Supreme Court case (related to reproductive politics) linked with a documentary film related to the substance of that case. Students will be required to analyze the legal case as well as the structure and content of the film. Students will be required to write a major research/film review paper on a film of their own choosing at the end of the semester and to present those findings, along with a film clip, to the class.

About Professor Daniels 

Prof. Daniels has taught at Rutgers since 1992. She has formerly served as the department chair (2009-2012) and currently serves at the Associate Campus Dean for Douglass.  Prof. Daniels is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the Rutgers University ‘Faculty Diversity Award (2012),’ awarded for outstanding achievement in contributing to diversity of the University faculty.  Prof. Daniels is a native of the Jersey shore (Pt. Pleasant).