pdf Political Representation (179 KB)

01:090:292:01 Index# 13335
Professor Mona LenaKrook, SAS - Political Science
T 09:15A-12:15P
Hickman Hall Rm 117
Douglass Campus


pdf Quantitative Research: A Hands-On Preparation (180 KB)   

pdf Syllabus (524 KB)

01:090:292:02 Index#13339
Professor Nuria Sagarra, SAS- Spanish & Portuguese
M 11:30A-2:30P
Academic Building Rm 5190
College Avenue Campus


pdf Homer's Odyssey: Mythology, Psychology and Politics (185 KB)

pdf Syllabus (301 KB)

01:090:292:03 Index# 13342
Professor Steven Walker, SAS- Asian Language & Cultures
T 09:50A-12:50P
Honors College Rm S120
College Ave Campus


pdf America as a Celebrity Culture (267 KB)
01:090:292:04 Index# 15082
Professor Michael Rockland, SAS - American Studies
T 10:55A-1:55P
Ruth Adams Building Rm 018
Douglass Campus


pdf Migration, Globalization, Education (264 KB)
01:090:292:05 Index# 16134
Professor Thea Abu El-Haj, GSE-Edu Theory, Policy & Admin
T 9:50A-12:50P
Honors College Room E128
College Ave Campus


pdf Protest and Progress (156 KB)

pdf Syllabus (241 KB)

01:090:292:06 Index# 20835
Professor William Field, SAS - Political Science
W 09:50A-12:50P
Honors College Rm HC S126
College Avenue Campus


pdf Rethinking the Global Wealth Divide (187 KB)

  pdf Syllabus (181 KB)

01:090:293:01 Index# 13336
Professor Angelique Haugerud, SAS - Anthropology
T 1:10-4:10P
Honors College Rm E128
College Ave Campus


  pdf The Political Economy of Piracy
(266 KB)
Professor Johan Mathew, SAS - History
TF 9:50-11:10A
Honors College Rm S124
College Avenue Campus


pdf Sociologists Go To College (180 KB)

01:090:293:03 Index# 15084
Professor D. Randall Smith, SAS - Sociology
TF 12:00-1:20P
Lucy Stone Hall A215
Livingston Campus


pdf Truth, Fiction, and Inequality (264 KB)

  pdf Syllabus (250 KB)

01:090:293:04 Index# 18643
Professor Bradley Evans, SAS - English
TTH 1:10-2:30P
Honors College Rm S120
College Ave Campus


pdf Sharing Space in the City: The Spatial Politics of Urban Divisions (188 KB)

  pdf Syllabus (138 KB)

01:090:293:05 Index# 18519
Professor Anita Bakshi, SEBS - Landscape Architecture
MW 2:15-3:35P
Blake Hall Rm 128
Cook Campus


pdf Language, Thought, and Identity (182 KB)
01:090:293:06 Index# 18518
Professor Eviatar Zerubavel, SAS - Sociology
TTH 2:15-3:35P
Hickman Hall Rm 206
Douglass Campus


pdf The Arts of Resistance: Underground Media and Political Subversion from the English Revolution to the Age of Wikileaks (262 KB)
01:090:294:01 Index# 13337
Professor Alastair Bellany, SAS - History
M 11:30A-2:30P
Honors College Rm S124
College Ave Campus


pdf The 2016 Presidential Election (180 KB)
01:090:294:02 Index# 15085
Professor David Greenberg, History
M 11:30A-2:30P
Honors College Rm S120
College Ave Campus


pdf Exploring Happiness
(63 KB)
01:090:294:03 Index #13347
Professor Sarah Rosenfield
W 2:15-5:15P
Hickman Hall Rm 209
Douglass Campus


pdf The Politics of Art and Poetry (263 KB)
01:090:294:04 Index# 13377
Professor Paul Blaney, SAS - English, SASHP
Dean Julio Nazario, SASHP
W 2:50-5:50P
Brett Hall Seminar Room
College Ave Campus


pdf Theories in Human Adaptation (178 KB)
01:090:294:05 Index# 15086
Professor Susan Cachel, SAS - Anthropology
MW 3:55-5:15P
Hickman Hall Rm 131
Douglass Campus


pdf Contestation of Values in Classical Chinese Thought (267 KB)
01:090:295:01 Index# 18516
Professor Tao Jiang, SAS - Religion
T 9:50a-12:50p
Honors College Rm N106
College Ave Campus


pdf Bodies in Social Interaction (182 KB)

pdf Syllabus (234 KB)

01:090:295:02 Index# 12172
Professor Galina Bolden, SC&I - Communication
T 11:30A-2:30P
Alcove Computing Lounge- Records Hall
College Ave Campus


pdf Politics and Existentialism (266 KB)
01:090:296:01 Index# 15087
Professor Stephen Bronner, SAS - Political Science
TH 1:10-4:10P
Honors College Rm S124
College Ave Campus


pdf Philosophy of Language: What is Meaning? (176 KB)
01:090:296:02 Index# 13340
Professor Elisabeth Camp, SAS - Philosophy
TH 11:30A-2:30P
RU Academic Building Rm 3450
College Avenue Campus


pdf Anti-Apartheid and Civil Rights Movements: King and Mandela, Lessons in Leadership Seminar (185 KB)
01:090:296:03 Index# 13341
Professor Ronald Quincy, School of Social Work
TH 04:30-07:30P
Honors College Rm E128
College Ave Campus


pdf Jews and Medicine (175 KB)
01:090:296:04 Index#
Professor Hilit Surowitz, SAS - Religion/Jewish Studies
M 2:50-5:50P
Miller Hall Room 116
College Ave Campus


pdf The Problem of Evil in Philosophy and Popular Culture (186 KB)
01:090:297:01 Index# 13338
Professor Edward McCrossin, SAS - Philosophy
TH 9:50A-12:50P
Honors College Rm S120
College Ave Campus



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