Global Language Proficiency Requirement

All SAS Honors Program students must take the appropriate global language placement test.  

To be designated a "School of Arts and Sciences Honors Scholar" at the time of graduation, an SAS Honors Program student must complete a set of requirements, one of which is to demonstrate proficiency in a global language through the intermediate level.  All courses used for the SAS Honors Program Global Language Proficiency Requirement must be completed with a letter grade of C or better.

Global language proficiency will be demonstrated by completing one of the following options:

Please note that courses may not be offered every semester.  Students should contact the respective language department to ensure availability to complete the sequence.  

1. Standard: complete the full two-semester intermediate sequence in a global language at Rutgers. (The course number for the second semester of the intermediate level varies by department).  

2. Reading: complete a two-semester sequence in courses designed specifically for reading knowledge.  These courses do not require any previous background in the language.  

    *French for Reading Knowledge (3, 3)
   *If you have have had two or more years of high school French you will not receive credit for this class or be allowed to use it fulfill the   SAS Honors Requirement.

    Italian for Reading Knowledge (3, 3)

    German for Reading Knowledge (3,3)

    Biblical Hebrew (3,3)

    01:563: 141-142

3. Speaking: complete the two-semester sequence below:

    Basic Spoken Chinese (4, 4)
Introduces the fundamentals of spoken Chinese, focuses on pronunciation, mastery of basic spoken vocabulary, and conversational fluency.  Does not teach written Chinese.

4. American Sign Language: complete the full intermediate course(s) in American Sign Language. The specific course(s) may vary based on the institution* the student enrolls in for the course(s).  

*192:120 Beginning American Sign Language I and 192:121 Intermediate American Sign Language II are offered at Rutgers - New Brunswick during the summer session.  

Students taking the course(s) outside of Rutgers over the summer must follow the transfer pre-approval process

5. Individualized: If a student places above the second semester of the intermediate level on the global language placement test, and/or receives AP credit for a course above that level, the student is required to take one 3- or 4-credit course either in that language or related to that language (e.g., in music, history, art history, anthropology, culture, etc.).  Courses taken before entering Rutgers or AP credit alone will not satisfy this requirement. A student interested in this option must consult with his/her SAS Honors Program dean.  A course used to satisfy this option must be approved by the SAS Honors Program. 

*Phi Beta Kappa

*Please note: To be eligible for Phi Beta Kappa, a student must have demonstrated proficiency in a global language equivalent to completion of at least the second semester of the intermediate level. Only Options 1 and 5 of the SAS Honors Program Global Language Proficiency Requirement meet the Phi Beta Kappa requirement. For full information about credentials for election to Phi Beta Kappa, go to


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