Honors Colloquium

Fall 2022 Honors Colloquium

Fall 2022

01:090:111 Honors Colloquium

Technology, Food, and Yousourdough.PNG

What do you like to eat? What technology do you like to use? In both cases, why? What influences your tastes? Though they may seem different, food and technology are both artifacts of human culture. This year’s summer reading, Sourdough by Robin Sloan, tells a delightful story of people searching for new ideas in food and technology. With that as inspiration, this semester’s Honors Colloquium will explore a cultural history of food and technology. We will talk with scholars from across the university to examine how various traditions arose and where new developments may take us. Ultimately we seek to understand how food and technology both reflect and shape our cultural identities. 

Meets Wednesdays for 10 weeks