• Vatsal Bhatt
  • Vatsal Bhatt
  • School of Arts and Sciences '12
  • Major(s): Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Psychology

Activities: AMSA Vice President, Global Brigades PR Chair and Global Brigades Volunteer to Panama City, Research in a Neurobiology lab with Dr. Tracy Shors, Odasis Organic Chemistry Tutoring, SASHP Peer Mentor

What attracted you to Rutgers University and the Honors/Scholars Program?
The diversity of the University and the wide variety of opportunities is what attracted me to Rutgers. I chose the honors program because of the many advantages it provided including smaller class sizes, more face time with professors, and opportunity to take advanced classes.

Why did you choose your major and minor?
I was always very interested in Neuroscience because the study of the brain really fascinated me. I also think that neuroscience is the one area that is constantly growing and we are discovering more and more about the human brain. In terms of my second major, I figured it would be a really nice combination to pursue psychology, the study of the human mind and neuroscience, the study of the human brain.

Tell us a little bit about what you're doing now. What was your first job after Rutgers? Where you do you live? 
I am currently completing my residency in internal medicine at University of Pennsylvania. Still a Scarlet Knight!! I graduated Rutgers a year early and finished my undergraduate studies in three years. The following year, I did a Masters program in Biomedical sciences. And the year after that, I worked in the Emergency Room to get more clinical experience. And the year after that, I started medical school.

What has been your greatest professional and/or personal accomplishment since you graduated Rutgers?
My greatest personal accomplishment has been to perform spoken word poetry on several occasions in medical school. My greatest professional accomplishment is creating a distinction in service to the community project for the senior citizens.

Was there a class and/or experience at Rutgers that led you to pursuing your current career?
I think my global health experience in Panama through Global Medical Brigades and my role as a VP in AMSA really contributed to my pursuit of medicine. My love for science was validated by a cell biology class I took at Rutgers.

What three words describe your experience at Rutgers and the Honors/Scholars Program? 
Invigorating. Character-developing. Scholarly.

How has your Rutgers and Honors education benefited you in your post-Rutgers life?
I think the biggest benefit that Honors program provided was to teach me how to think. And that is exactly what I carry with me in the hospital when I am taking care of patients. Critical thinking is such a crucial element in medicine.

What advice do you have for our current SAS Honors Program students?
Make the most out of every moment at Rutgers in the SAS Honors Program. Be mindful and present with every experience you are having. Constantly reflect on what is going on around you and how it makes you feel. And form meaningful relationships with every individual who is sharing this experience with you. College is a wonderful experience and SAS Honors Program adds even more value to it.


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