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Activities: Treasurer of Pre-Med Society

What attracted you to Rutgers University and the Honors/Scholars Program?
Reputation, resources, & interdisciplinary courses.

Why did you choose your major and minor?
Pre-med, love science and economics.

Tell us a little bit about what you're doing now. What was your first job after Rutgers? Where you do you live? 
After graduating from Rutgers, I attended NYU Medical School and then completed a residency in Ob/Gyn at NYU/Bellevue Medical Center in New York. After residency, I joined a private practice Ob/Gyn group in Bergen County, NJ.

What has been your greatest professional and/or personal accomplishment since you graduated Rutgers?
Professional - joining Lifeline Medical Associates and becoming a Board Member of that organization.
Personal - married my wonderful wife and together we have raised two amazing daughters.

Was there a class and/or experience at Rutgers that led you to pursuing your current career?
Systems Physiology Lecture and Lab.

What three words describe your experience at Rutgers and the Honors/Scholars Program? 
Intellectual.  Stimulating. Gratifying.

How has your Rutgers and Honors education benefited you in your post-Rutgers life?
I have incredibly fond memories of the education - both academic and social - from my time at RU. The foundation built during my time at RU has allowed me to achieve great success in both my personal and professional lives. I am so grateful for all that RU has done for me.....

What advice do you have for our current SAS Honors Program students?
Take advantage of the tremendous resources available at RU and focus on surrounding yourself with great people to achieve your fullest potential. Remember that passion with purpose is the key to success in whatever field you choose.

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