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Activities:  Varsity Heavyweight Crew; Henry Rutgers Scholar

What attracted you to Rutgers University and the Honors/Scholars Program?
The eclectic classes that were taught as part of the General Honors Program were exciting, interesting and unusual. I really enjoyed the content and the professors who taught them.

Why did you choose your major and minor?
Having two science majors I wanted to minor in a social science and wanted to learn about economic theory and history.

Tell us a little bit about what you're doing now. What was your first job after Rutgers? Where you do you live? What was your first job after Rutgers? Where you do you live?
I work for a medium-sized IT consulting company, having worked for both large (EMC, Dell, Deloitte) and small (InterWorld, Q Strategies, Arrowsight, BrandWizard) companies, all in IT consulting. 2. My first job after graduation was at Rutgers, working for the newly formed, Center for Advanced Biology & Medicine (CABM) on Busch Campus. 3. I live close to New Brunswick, in lovely Metuchen, New Jersey, where I have lived since graduating from UC Berkeley, Haas with an MBA in 1995.

What has been your greatest professional and/or personal accomplishment since you graduated from Rutgers?
Professional: building (version 2) in 1999 while at Q Strategies. Personal: raising 3 wonderful kids, who have all attended college.

Was there a class and/or experience at Rutgers that led you to pursuing your current career?
My first, major Computer Science... which overtook my love for Chemistry.

What three words describe your experience at Rutgers and the Honors/Scholars Program? 
Foucault. Scientific-creativity. Chemical-bond.

How has your Rutgers and Honors education benefited you in your post-Rutgers life?
Gave me the skills, knowledge and tools I needed to get a job in the real world and be a contributing member of society.

What advice do you have for our current SAS Honors Program students?
Learn, learn, learn. Dive in and really enjoy the experience of learning from your professors and your peers. Keep an open mind and question everything.

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