How to Spend your First Week on Campus

1. Get to know your campus. Locate important places such as computer labs, places to eat (dining halls, restaurants), campus centers, bus stops, the gym, libraries, and classroom buildings.

2. Get to know the bus system. Ride around the buses with a map. It’s okay. Really.

3. Get free tickets to the football game, and go to the first game on September 1st! Tickets are first come first serve, so get them ASAP!

4. Go to Orientation Events.

5. Go to the Involvement Fair on Tuesday, August 30th on College Avenue from 2-6 P.M. Almost all of the clubs and organizations on campus are there to meet you and tell you about what you can do on campus. Plus, tons of free stuff, music, and food!

6. Meet People in your Building!

7. Check out some cool places on campus; we’ve put together some of our favorites:
  • Passion Puddle (Douglass) – A beautiful pond with a green around to chill on.
  • Red Lion Café (College Ave) – Located in the basement floor of the Rutgers Student Center (RSC) on College Ave, Red Lion features great seating, a lounge, and Fresh Frites Fries.
  • Student Activities Center (SAC) (College Ave) – You can never go wrong with a giant lounge with comfy couches. Great for studying, hanging out, and grabbing food.
  • Downtown New Brunswick (College Ave) – There are lots of nice restaurants, including Chipotle, Starbucks, and Old Man Rafferty’s!
  • Zimmerli Art Museum (College Ave) – Admission is free for students and exhibits are always changing.
  •  Rutgers Zone (Livingston) - An arcade, ice-cream bar, and late-night trivia tournaments make this place a campus hot spot.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, April 1 | 12:00 AM
Peer Mentor Application Deadline

honors program offices

Nelson Biological Labs
Room A-110
P 848-445-3912
Milledoler Hall
Room 119
P 848-932-1406
College Hall
Room 306
P 848-932-2011
Lucy Stone Hall
Room A-201
P 848-445-3206