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Attention Premed Juniors who will be rising seniors after this term!!!

If you are a high academic achiever and scored at least a 33 on the MCAT, you will not want to miss this scholarship. 

There will be two awards of $11,000 each.  Please note, Each of the two awardees will receive a $11,000 award, of which $10,000 would be a scholarship toward their senior year college expenses, plus $1,000 which would be a cash award to help defray the costs of applying and visiting medical schools.  The awardees will be selected by July 15thBoth awardees will travel to NYC to meet Dr. Pardes during their senior year.

NOTE:  It is important to have your spring grades before reporting your overall GPA; therefore, this application will not be accepted before all grades are posted.  The deadline for submission of this application is June 1st.

pdf Pardes Scholarship Application

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Milledoler Hall
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Room A-201
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