Mohammed Farooqui '20, Saloni Jain '20, and Marina Soliman '20This summer, the SAS Honors Program community celebrated the news that three SASHP students, Mohammed Farooqui '20, Saloni Jain ’20 and Marina Soliman ’20, were among the 39% of applicants who were offered admission into Robert Wood Johnson Medical School's BA/MD program, a program designed for a select group of high-achieving premedical students of Rutgers University to have conditional, early-acceptance to Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  



Mohammed Farooqui '20 is a Biological Sciences major from Monmouth Junction, New Jersey.  He shares, "I want to become a doctor because it provides me with the opportunity to go beyond my capacity currently as a scholar and volunteer, and actually treat people physically. Even though I know it may not always be sunny work and patients don't always get better, it's just my personality to fight for my patients till the very end.  My advice to future students who apply is quite simple actually: have a plan and pick activities you're passionate about. Don't try to overburden yourself with too many things, but don't wait till last minute either! It helps that Rutgers has so many activities and ways to distinguish yourself, so just go get involved!"

Farooqui performs research in Dr. Smita Patel's lab at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) about the mechanism of mitochondrial transcription.  He is also a patient support volunteer at Kindred Hospice and at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH),  treasurer of the Ashley Lauren Foundation, and tutor for the Office of Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS).


Saloni Jain ’20 is a Genetics major from Edison, New Jersey.  She shares, “My interest in medicine began long before college.  I became an emergency medical technician and emergency room tech, which still continues to teach me a lot by having firsthand interaction with patients and other healthcare professionals.  Throughout these past few years, I took part in many extra-curricular activities and took different classes to keep learning something new every day, which molded me into the individual that I am today.  I applied to the BA/MD Program with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, as I was sure that I wanted to be a doctor based on my experiences that increased my passion for medicine, and I really liked RWJMS and their curriculum. Being a doctor will let me put together my interest in understanding the human body, communicating and working with others, and researching medical topics, to treat patients and help them make informed decisions.”

Jain’s advice for prospective BA/MD and pre-med students is to “explore and take part in many different activities and classes as you start college, as these experiences help you grow as a person and even find new activities that you may enjoy!”



Marina Soliman ’20 is a Cell Biological and Neuroscience major with a triple minor in Chemistry, Classics, and Labor Studies from East Brunswick, New Jersey.  She shares, “I want to be a physician because, through various experiences and opportunities, I have realized that this is the only real way that I, personally, can make my mark on the world.”  In addition to her academic endeavors, Soliman enjoys reading, tutoring, and volunteering in her community.  She serves on the SAS Honors Program Peer Mentor Programming Board and the CBN Society E-board and is involved in her church as well as several clubs on campus like OCCM (Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries).  

Soliman recalls, “I was once told that if medicine is for me, I would find myself gravitating towards the activities that would make me a better physician without trying to tailor my resume to fit what I thought medical schools would want to see. This was probably the best advice I ever got. Try everything and follow your heart!”


A hearty congratulations to these three future doctors!




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