Global Experiences

Dominican Transnational Cultures



Faculty Leader: Carlos Decena (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) - SAS Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies (LCS)

Travel Dates: January 4, 2019-January 13, 2019

Class Meeting Times: Monday, 1:40pm-4:40pm, LSH A215, Livingston Campus

Program Cost: $1390

Course Number: 01:090:295:01, 3 credits, 1 credit for Study Abroad. (Honors Students will receive a total of 4 credits).

This course is tied to the Interdisciplinary Seminar Dominican Transnational Cultures (01:090:295:01). This is a reading-intensive seminar that investigates the ways in which transnationalism in the Dominican case (and that of many Latin American countries) goes as far back as the moment of “first encounter” with Europeans in the 15th century. Students will become familiar with texts ranging from recent novels and articles to some of the first writings done by European priests and travelers in the Americas. The juxtaposition of materials will be further enriched by a focus on the Spanish part of the island of Hispaniola as point of arrival and departure of a myriad of racial/ethnic groups, though a special emphasis will be placed the importance that Haitian presence has had historically and demographically in Dominicans’ evolving project of national identity. In this way, students will come to appreciate the various ways in which the present “transnational moment” in Dominican life in the country and elsewhere has been shaped by historical events and evolving negotiations.

* Students must be enrolled in the SAS Honors Seminar "Dominican Transnational Cultures" 01:090:295:01 in order to be enrolled in the one-credit field experience.

* There are 15 available spaces. Rolling admission. Click here to apply through the Center for Global Education.

Students accepted to the program will receive special permission numbers to enroll in the 1 credit field experience AND 01:090:295:01 (3 credit honors seminar).