Become a Tutor

Interested in Being a Peer Tutor?

Do you want to improve your critical thinking and leadership skills? Are you looking for a way to sharpen your academic knowledge while serving the Rutgers community? Volunteer to tutor fellow students! As little as 2 hours of your time each week can make a difference.

SAS Honors Program students in good standing who have completed at least one semester at Rutgers are invited to apply to be a Peer Tutor. Tutors choose which course(s) they tutor, and only need to be available 2 hours per week. 

Eligibility: Undergraduate honors students in good academic standing with the SAS Honors Program or Rutgers Honors College who have completed at least one semester at Rutgers.

Qualifications: Applicants must have:

  • enthusiasm, patience, and a desire to assist fellow students
  • willingness to engage in tutor training and learn pedagogical skills
  • the ability to communicate clearly, professionally, and in a timely manner with students and staff
  • the ability to perform tutoring duties ethically and confidentially
  • availability to tutor at least 2 hours per week on a volunteer basis for the entirety of the Fall 2019 semester

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, but must be received no later than Monday, August 26, 2019.

Apply to be a Peer Tutor for Fall 2019

For questions about the Tutoring Program, please contact Dean Ackerman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Dorene Pardun This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spring 2019 Peer Tutors 

Abu-Shanab, Sarah, 2020

Allada, Tamara, 2021

Banota, Tanvi, 2022

Battula, Namarata, 2022

Bunkowski, Klaudia, 2021

Cabrera, Joel, 2020

Carlucci, Michael, 2021

Choudhry, Hannaan, 2020

Choudhry, Hassaam, 2022

Dauser, Timon, 2021

DiTrolio, Olivia, 2020

Donnelly, William, 2021

Durie, Joseph, 2022

Fofah, Sope, 2022

Gohil, Avani, 2022

Gupta, Samyak, 2020

Han, Ahri, 2022

Higgins, Cecelia, 2019

Hsieh, Justin, 2021

Joshi, Jay, 2020

Kim, William, 2020

Kiron, Aditi, 2022

Lee, Karen, 2022

Leonhardt, Ian, 2022

Luo, Jason, 2022

Manzoor, Salman, 2020

Maris, Alexandra, 2020

McCusker, Therese, 2020

McKeown, Victoria, 2020

Mohsen, Mahinaz, 2020

Mookerjee, Debendro, 2021

Nagaraj, Bharath, 2020

Neb, Nabhanya, 2022

Neto, Tiago, 2020

Patel, Kajal, 2021

Patel, Kush, 2022

Patel, Pooja, 2021

Puglia, Francesca, 2021

Rafi, Mazin, 2021

Sangam, Arun , 2019

Sathuvalli, Pranav, 2021

Scheiner, Aaron, 2022

Selvaraj, Nithish , 2022

Shareef, Abdullah, 2020


Soliman, Marina, 2020

Sridhar, Aishwarya, 2021

Thomas, Reshma , 2019

Vieira, Peter, 2021

Wang, Michael, 2021

Wong, Michael, 2020

Xue, David, 2022

Xue, Joany, 2021

Yaghi, Alex, 2019

Zhang, Victor, 2022