Faculty Mentors

McLean PaulProfessor Paul McLean is interested in the ways culture and social networks intersect.  His recent book, Culture in Networks (Polity Press, 2017) provides an overview of the culture-networks link across a variety of interfaces, including diffusion, social movement mobilization, clientage structures, topic modelling, the formation of tastes, and social media usage.  His own research has focused on political patronage and economic networks in Renaissance Florence--for example, in his book, The Art of the Network (Duke UP, 2007), and in recent articles in the Journal of Modern History and the European Journal of Sociology.  He is currently writing articles on cloth consumption in the Renaissance and on Florentine perceptions of chance, as well as gathering data for a book on the network structure of the Florentine economy over time.  Other research interests include the political organization of Poland in the eighteenth century, the social theory of Adam Smith, networking dynamics and career trajectories in academia, and the organization of videogame play.  He regularly teaches Introduction to Sociology and courses in social theory for Sociology majors, and in Spring 2020 will be teaching an Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar on Liberalism, Populism, and Democracy in the 21st Century.

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