Faculty Mentors

pairet vinas anaProfessor Ana Pairet’s main areas of  inquiry include the languages and literatures of the late Middle Ages and Early Modern period in France and the Iberian Peninsula; Ovidian poetry; mythography; textual and generic transformation; history of the book; and translation. Her book on fictions of metamorphosis in medieval France (Honoré Champion, 2002), traced the evolution of narratives of bodily change in vernacular literature from the 12th to the 15th centuries. By studying the poetics of mutacion in distinct generic contexts (Ovidian poetry, courtly literature, mythography and historiography), she showed how the Middle Ages turned this polysemic figure into a literary artefac. Chief among her research interest has been the versified Ovide moralisé (ca. 1328), identified as one of the main Ovidian sources for 14th-century poets such as Machaut, Froissart, and Christine de Pizan. Her current book project bears on the translation of French courtly romances into European vernaculars during the early decades of print.

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