Faculty Mentors

Professor Alice Y. Liu, of the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, is interested in understanding why the ability to withstand stress is diminished in aging, in general and in neurons in particular.  She studies the regulation of a stress induced genetic mechanism – induction of the heat shock response (HSR); the increased expression of HSP chaperones serves to facilitate protein folding to confer stress resistance.  Her current research is focused on the identification and elucidating the mechanism of action of drugs/small molecules that can enhance the HSR to “protect” cells under stress for possible therapeutics development. Dr. Liu teaches the course Molecular Biology (146:478). She firmly believes in the importance of research based learning and has mentored a good number of undergraduate students over the years. She enjoys working and interacting with students in the classroom and at the lab bench.   In her capacity as a teacher, she tries to inspire and challenge ALL of her students to strive for their very best.    

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