Faculty Mentors

barrProfessor Maureen Barr fell in love with Genetics as a Rutgers undergraduate way back when (B.A. 1990).  She pursued her interests in genetics and trained at Columbia (Ph.D.) and the California Institute of Technology (postdoc).  Prof. Barr first received tenure at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  In 2007, she happily returned to her alma mater and joined the Rutgers Department of Genetics.  Her lab studies human genetic diseases using the tiny worm C. elegans as a model system (http://barrlab.rutgers.edu/).  Undergrads in the Barr lab have won numerous awards (including two Goldwater scholars), published papers, presented research at scientific conferences, and gone onto graduate, medical, and dental schools. Prof. Barr is also the proud mother of three sons, the oldest is currently a Rutgers student.

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W http://barrlab.rutgers.edu/