Faculty Mentors

Professor John P. Hughes  while growing up in New York City (mostly oblivious to popular culture) just couldn't get enough of astronomy.  So you can imagine how thrilled he was to be involved in building satellites for NASA on the way to a degree in astrophysics from Columbia University.  These days Dr. Hughes has traded in his 2-inch diameter backyard telescope for the 10-meter diameter Southern African Large Telescope (funded in part by Rutgers) north of Cape Town.  One of his current research projects is a large-area, multiwavelength sky survey aiming for an accurate census of massive clusters of galaxies to measure the rate of structure growth in the Universe and thereby answer questions about the nature of dark matter and dark energy that control its evolution.  He also studies the aftermaths of supernova explosions, including both the superdense crushed interiors of massive stars and the exploded outer parts that fly off at speeds of thousands of kilometers per second.  A strong advocate for undergraduate research, Dr. Hughes also teaches High Energy Astrophysics, Stars and Star Formation, Astronomy and Cosmology, the Physics of Sound, as well as an honors seminar on the Science and Life of Albert Einstein.  Dr. Hughes enjoys travel, biking, skiing, opera, and now pays close attention to US domestic and international policy issues.

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