Faculty Mentors

Professor Jorge Marcone currently serves as Undergraduate Director in Comparative Literature, and previously has served as the Undergraduate Director in Spanish and Portuguese.  He has directed the Summer Study Abroad Programs in Spain and Cuzco and is the departmental advisor for students attending study abroad programs in Spanish-speaking countries.  In recent years Prof. Marcone has taught Honors sections of “Literature Across Borders” (Comp. Lit.), “Latin America: An Introduction,” and “Introduction to Hispanic Literature.”  His research and teaching interests focus on “ecocriticism,” the umbrella name for a diversity of ecologically oriented interdisciplinary approaches in literary and cultural studies.  Professor Marcone specializes on the history of environmentalism and ecological thinking in Hispanic literatures and cultures, and on the representation of Amazonia in literature, film, and other visual arts. At Rutgers University since 1991, Professor Marcone holds a B.A. in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics from the Universidad Católica del Perú, and a Ph.D. in Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin.  Professor Marcone is eager to mentor students interested in literary studies and/or film studies in any language and especially in world literature and film.

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