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Stephen ReinertProfessor Stephen Reinert, an Associate Professor of History, is interested in comparative Byzantine, Balkan, and Turkic history and culture, primarily in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. He is particularly interested in the figures Manuel II Palaiologos and Yildirim I Bayezid, and also am quite engaged with Vlad III Ţepeş (Dracula).  Another more recent research interest in the history and culture of food in medieval Europe and the Mediterranean. He is currently writing monographs on the last great medieval Crusade ("The Crusade of Nicopolies"), the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaiologos (1391-1425), and Byzantine polemics against Islam.  He is also polishing a translation and commentary of the mid-fifteenth century Chagatay poet, Gada'i. He recieved his Ph.D. in History (Byzantine, western medieval, medieval Balkans), UCLA, his M.A. in Near Eastern Languages & Cultures (Turcology), UCLA, and his B.A. in History, Western Washington University.

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