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Martin GrumetProfessor Martin Grumet is the Director of Stem Cell Research Center and Associate Director of W. M. Keck Center M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience. He is one of the leading researchers in brain development and spinal cord injury repair. Dr. Grumet obtained a BS degree in Physics from the Cooper Union and a doctorate in Biophysics from The Johns Hopkins University. In 1999, he was appointed Professor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers University and joined the W. M. Keck Center as its Associate Director. In 2002, he became Director of the W. M. Keck Center of Collaborative Neuroscience. Dr. Grumet’s lab isolated the first cell line with radial-like properties and has demonstrated the feasibility of implanting such cells into the central nervous system to improve recovery following injury. These results provided the catalyst for his recruitment to the W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience to study the ability of neural stem cells on repairing the injured spinal cord. Dr. Grumet has served on advisory committees for grant reviews at the NIH and NSF, and has served on the editorial boards of Perspectives in Developmental Neurobiology, and Cell & Tissue Research. He has lectured widely to lay and scientific audiences in the US, Canada, England, France, Germany, Israel, China, and Japan.

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