Honors Opportunities

Professor Angus Kress Gillespie covers a wide variety of topics including folk culture, Jerseyana, maritime studies, regionalism, the American South, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, film studies, U.S.-Philippine relations, as well as America’s relations with the Middle East.  Each class is carefully crafted to give students a thorough historical and cultural explanation of a topic, as well as rigorous critique of subject and method.  His teaching is all about listening, questioning, and being responsive, as well as remembering that each student contributes differently.   He works hard to elicit responses from even the quietest student, and he pushes all his students to excel. Alongside his teaching portfolio, Gillespie works closely with students every year to produce the New Jersey Folk Festival (NJFF), a major contribution to the University and the State. The NJFF is the largest student-run multi-arts folk festival in North America.

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