SAS Honors Program

2023-2024 SAS Honors Housing Sign-Up for Continuing Students

SAS Honors Residence Halls are vibrant communities where students live and learn together. Students living in SAS Honors Housing have access to many special programs and events run by the SAS Honors Program and Residence Life Office. SAS Honors Housing is available on all 4 campuses in singles, doubles, and suites.

All rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the SAS Honors Program who wish to live in SAS Honors Housing for the 2023-2024 academic year must follow the steps outlined below. Please read all of the information on this site and the RU Housing and Residence Life Website carefully. The Residence Life Assignments Office and the SASHP will not accept late requests for SAS Honors Housing.

Incoming First-Year SASHP students must apply through the myRutgers portal.


Procedure for Continuing Students

  1. Apply for a selection number on the RU Housing and Residence Life website. If you want to live on campus next year, you must sign up for a housing selection number between January 23 and February 7. You must have a selection number to be eligible for housing. Applying for a selection number is not binding.

  2. Complete the SAS Honors Program Housing Application from Monday, January 23– Tuesday, February 7, 2023 through You will do this prior to receiving your selection number. If you are applying with a roommate or group, you must enter each other's names on your applications.

  3. Receive your selection number on Wednesday, February 8 via your Rutgers email account.

  4. Rutgers will notify you about when you are eligible to select your space based on your selection number, group size, and seniority points on February 10.

  5. Select your room during your assigned time slot on February 13.

  6. Once you select your room, your contract is binding.

  • The School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program reserves the right to transfer students from one room to another, should we need to consolidate spaces.
  • Students living in SAS Honors Housing are subject to the same regulations as students living in any University Housing.  Please refer to the Housing and Residence Life website for more information.




Sign Up Dates




Housing Selection Number Application

Jan 23-Feb 7

Feb 8



SAS Honors Program Housing Application

Jan 23-Feb 7

February 10

February 13

Brett, Lynton Towers, McCormick, Jameson H



Scholastic Standing

  • Students who are dismissed from the SAS Honors Program at the end of the Spring 2023 semester will not be permitted to live in SAS Honors Housing for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Therefore, if you are on honors continued probation, you may want to consider an alternative housing arrangement. See your Honors dean if you have questions.



What are my Honors Housing options?

Honors housing for continuing students (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors) consists of suites in McCormick Tower on Busch, doubles and a limited number of singles in Brett Hall on College Ave, a limited amount of singles on the 8th floor of the North Tower on Livingston, and doubles and a limited number of singles in Jameson H on Douglass. Jameson H is single gender housing for students who identify as women.

How does my housing group size impact my eligibility for different housing spaces?

If you apply by yourself, you are eligible for any space in Honors Program housing. Students who apply for Honors housing with one other SASHP student are eligible for spaces in Brett, Jameson H, and McCormick Suites. Students who apply for Honors housing with two or more other SASHP student will be eligible for McCormick suites.

Do I need to apply for housing with a roommate?

No, you can enter the selection process on your own.  If you select a space in a double room, you will be paired with another SASHP student. If you and another SASHP student would like to room with each other, you should request each other on your honors housing application.

Can I request a roommate for Honors Housing who is not in the Honors Program?

No, Honors housing is exclusively for students enrolled in the SAS Honors Program.

Will I be selecting my specific room location?

Yes, at your selection time, you will be able to select a room from the Honors housing spaces that you are eligible for.

When does my housing contract become binding?

Your housing contract becomes binding once you select a space.

Am I guaranteed housing?

If you will be a sophomore next year, you are guaranteed housing on campus provided you adhere to all deadlines.

Where can I read more about the housing application process? Scroll down to "Special Timelines" for information about Honors housing.


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